Pain Management

naturopathic pain management and treatment

If you have pain, then you can get treated by a doctor at Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care. From minor aches and pains, motor vehicle accidents, to fibromyalgia and every kind of pain you can think of, there are treatment options for you available in this clinic.


naturopathic prolotherapy in maple ridge

Prolotherapy is used when the ligaments or tendons of a joint have been compromised, injured, or lax. Prolotherapy injections use a non-toxic solution (Dextrose 5% or combination of homeopathics and pharmaceuticals) injected into the damaged tendon or ligament. Prolotherapy causes the tissue to tighten and can even stimulate growth factors in the area of injection. This aids in the healing of the tendon or ligament.

Prolotherapy has been around for over 50 years. Today, many professional athletes use prolotherapy to keep them going and healing injuries acquired from professional sports.


Neural therapy is a type of injection, pioneered by German doctors, that works by resetting the firing patterns in nerves that regulate certain areas of the body. It can help with pain as well as resetting the way organs, muscles, and joints recieve repair signals from the nervous system. Neural therapy is a treatment designed to restore optimal neural function in the body. The therapies restore the regulation of the nervous system and results in optimal health.

Neural prolotherapy is based on the premise that hundreds of nerves exist just beneath the skin and play a key role in regulating pain and healing. By regulating these nerves just beneath the skin, it is believed we can regulate the immune system to potentially heal injuries.


Biopuncture is a series of injections into muscle knots and painful areas. Most common are fibromyalgia neuromuscular trigger points, which can be safely and effectively injected for short and long term improvement in the limiting or even eliminating physical pain. An individual combination of dextrose, saline, anaesthetic or PRP (plasma rich protein) is injected into tendons, ligaments, joints to rehabilitate and regenerate damaged and injured tissues.

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