Minor Surgery: Cosmetic

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Our doctor at Salveo Naturopathic and Skin Care offer our patients a unique approach of cosmetic artistry and science while respecting each individual to obtain the best cosmetic outcomes possible. Many of the cosmetic therapies offered at our naturopathic clinic will offer immediate and long term anti-aging benefits to your skin and overall health and wellbeing. Experience the best cosmetic medicine has to offer by contacting Salveo Naturopathic today so you can schedule a consultation with one of our physicians to discuss how you can look and feel your best for the ultimate experience in healthy living and whole body happiness.

Wrinkle Subcision

naturopathic wrinkle subcisionAt Salveo we use only FDA approved subcision instruments to treat fine lines and deep wrinkles using some of the highest quality surgical equipment today. This procedure is quick and painless with results to last a long period of time. Our physician will analyze your skin folds and wrinkles beforehand to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment effectively planning this treatment, marking key areas on your skin before any injection has occurred.

Using a sharp needle with stainless steel wire, the wire is thread through your skin and around the surrounding wrinkle, effectively separating the skin from the muscle which releases the wrinkle, and the wrinkle disappears. Full muscular movement is a bonus with wrinkle subcision, unlike certain popular injections which freeze the site to gain cosmetic results.

Facial Spider Veins: Electrosurgery

Electrosurgery is not a new technology, but its continual advancements and increasingly recognized benefits have led to electrosurgical devices being utilized more heavily now than ever before. Bovie, and electrosurgery, have been in practice for almost a century, and today electrosurgery is an important element of any surgeon's practice. With the advent of the well-informed patient who has access to unprecedented amounts of medical information, electrosurgery has grown in demand.

Electrosurgery is used in widespread applications for basic plastic surgery treatments as well as a treatment for skin treatments like mole and lesion removal; many physicians are using electrosurgery as a go-to procedure for dermatological procedures. Patient benefits include precise incisions with reduced bleeding and less discomfort at the incision site, resulting in increased patient satisfaction. Electrosurggery is also commonly used for the removal of skin tags and removal of benign skin tumors.

Why Electrosurgery?

Electrosurgery is an evolving field, and its applications are expanding rapidly. Electrosurgical incisions show a comparable infection rate to those of scalpel, and lower post-surgical pain scores even in deep tissue procedures. Faster incision times and reduced blood loss are also factors that have contributed to the gain in popularity.

Electrosurgery for Skin Conditions

Electrosurgery is gaining recognition for its value in the treatment of skin conditions. It has replaced the scalpel in many procedures, including the removal of benign and malignant skin lesions, and the increasing awareness of the approach's benefits suggest that this role will only increase. Future trends may see electrode fully replace the scalpel in even deep surgical procedures as both patients and physicians opt for it in the operating room.

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