Laser Acne Treatment

medical laser acne treatment in bc

Laser Acne

Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care offers this very effective treatment to reduce and treat cystic and gender specific acne before scars develop. Mild, moderate, and some severe acne conditions can safely and very effectively be treated with IPL laser treatments. Our doctor combines prescription topical ingredients (occassionally Isotretinoin, Retin-A, Hydroquinone, Salicylic acid, Kojic acid etc.) to prime the skin prior to commencing laser treatments. This improves the skins ability to kill the bacteria and heal from the acne pustules.

How Does the Laser Treat Acne?

The specific laser light wavelength gets absorbed into the red acne, coagulating the tissue (shrinking), and kills the bacteria known to contribute to acne with each session. Near painless, you can expect extremely safe results with a small series of laser treatments. This is a great treatment option for teenagers and young adults with mild to severe acne.

How Safe Are the Laser Treatments?

No treatment concerns have ever been noted at Salveo Naturopathic & Skin Care with this therapy.

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